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Inexpensive Candy Buffets

Wedding season is in full swing and I've been hard at work on one of my favorite projects…the Candy Buffet. Typically a nice candy buffet can run anywhere from $600 to $1500 or more (depending on number of guests and desired detail.) This post is designed to provide you with information on how you can have a beautiful, yummy candy buffet without breaking your pockets. Now this will require you to be practical by looking for weekly deals at my favorite craft stores, but the outcome will be worth it. Keep in mind that you are more than welcome to add depth with backdrops and fun accents, but for the sake of your pockets we are keeping it simple.

....starting with this Vintage Circus themed Candy Buffet

Table (6ft rectangular shown)

Rectangular Economy Polyester Tablecloth

Linen Tablecloths $6.85

Kraft Bags for Candy

Hobby Lobby $10.00

Custom Bag Labels

DIY $0.00

Cardstock Paper

FedEx Office $3.00


Dollar Tree $1.00


Dollar Tree $1.00

Ferris Wheel Cupcake Server

Amazon $37.20

Rainbow Cupcake Holders

Michaels $1.00

Red Hots

Dollar Tree $2.00

Wood Platform

Friend $0.00

Wood Letters CIRCUS

Michaels $9.47

Liquitex BASICS® Acrylic Paint 4oz.

Michaels $4.99

Artist's Loft™ Fundamentals™ Brushes

Michaels $2.99

Mini Buckets

Dollar Tree $2.00

Melster: Peanuts Circus, 11 Oz

Walmart $9.00

Red Double Raffle Tickets

Dollar Tree $1.00

Mini Gumball Machines

Hobby Lobby $1.00


Hobby Lobby $12.00


Dollar Tree $1.00

Colorful Cone Paper

Michaels $6.00

Charms Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy, 2.5 oz

Dollar Tree $5.00

Luggage Label

DIY $0.00


Dollar Tree $3.00

Cherry Sours

Walmart $2.00


Walmart $2.00

Gummy Bears

Walmart $3.00

Large Container

Walmart $5.00

Zachary: Multi Colored/Coated In Sugar Fruit Slices, 32 oz

Walmart $2.48

Rainbow Swirl Whirly Pops

Party City $3.00

County Fair Jars

Dollar Tree $9.00

Tags for Jars

DIY $0.00

Candy Sticks

Cracker Barrel $2.00

Double Bubble Gumballs

Walmart $5.97

Candy Apples

Carnival Foods $15.00

Nabisco Barnum's Animals Crackers 2.13 oz

Target $17.88

Cracker Jacks

NationWideCandy $25.21

Roasted Peanuts

Walmart $5.00

Burlap Bags

Michaels $6.35

Tags for Peanuts

DIY $0.00

Red Ribbon

Hobby Lobby $1.00

Bottles of Soda

Walmart $8.00

Circus Bottle Labels

Hobby Lobby $3.16

This candy buffet totals around $250.00 for 50 guests. Below are a few more candy buffets under $200.00. Please feel free to comment or ask questions.

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