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European Holiday

Europe in the winter? I couldn't think of a better way to spend my vacation time.

Work hard. Play hard. I love to travel. I had the opportunity to spend a month in Europe this winter. It was the longest I have ever stayed out of the country and I could've stayed even longer. During my travels I was blessed to visit five countries including France, United Kingdom, Croatia, Slovenia, and Portugal.

I toured London and Paris with my bestfriend April. We stayed up all night. We slept late. We walked miles and miles. We ate amazing food. We saw the most jaw dropping sights (including the French men). We brought home tons of souvenirs and made some new friends. It was a trip to remember for sure!

I traveled to Croatia alone and stayed at the Zaprešić Church of Christ Christian Center. During my time in Croatia I made lots of new friends through dance. I served as guest choreographer for the EuroCup’s Cedevitas Dance Team and met with local Brazilian samba instructor Anny Alves for a samba class. I also had the opportunity to partake in community outreach through teaching a dance workshop to a local dance studio and working with the children of the Zaprešić Kindergarten Bell. When I wasn’t dancing and practicing my Croatian, I was walking the square of Zagreb exploring the most fantastic Christmas market on earth!

I took the train to Ljubljana, Slovenia for a few days to see a few friends and teach the ladies of Zmajcice, the EuroCup’s Union Olimpija Dance Team. I often refer to Slovenia as my second home. I have traveled there four times. It’s a mandatory stop anytime I travel to Europe.

Prior to returning home to the U.S. I made a brief stop in Lisbon, Portugal. I celebrated my birthday alone in Portugal and I can’t describe how liberating it felt to walk into my hotel room and open the window to a beautiful skyline of Lisbon. I enjoy walking and taking public transportation when I travel. The terrain in Portugal was a bit challenging to navigate. It was very mountainous, but very beautiful and such a unique experience. I returned to the U.S. feeling rejuvenated and inspired. I can’t wait to see what adventures 2018 will produce.

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